Need immediate support?

How to introduce someone to Huddle

There’s no right or wrong way to reach out to our youth services. Drop in solo, come with a friend, caregiver, or family member, or hang out and get to know the place before diving into the deeper stuff.

If they want to speak with someone right away, we’ll make space for them. Our staff and medical team will work hard to help everyone who enters our doors feel comfortable and in control, and we’ll help them make a plan that prioritizes their needs and safety first.

If you’re looking to connect someone to one of our hubs, you can call or email the main contact person listed on each Huddle location page. You don’t need a referral—but you can touch base with us and we’ll help make the process as smooth and stress-free as we can!

Holding space for youth

We know it’s hard when your child or teenager is struggling, but we’re here to help support them—and you—as you face challenges together.

To avoid being met with resistance, it’s always important to put your relationship first. Connect with them and let them know you’re their advocate and there to support them with what they need. Listen to them, acknowledge their feelings and struggles, and let them know that there are resources available to help them through this when they are ready to receive help.

Help outside Huddle

We provide as many resources and supports as we can in our locations, but sometimes we need to access specialized services from outside Huddle. Our team can help youth navigate complicated systems to access what they need—we don’t expect them to figure it all out alone. We’ll work toward a plan of action that helps youth get all the care they deserve.

We know youth have better outcomes when their loved ones are also getting the support they need. Tough life stuff can affect the whole family. If you as a parent, caregiver or family member need support, you can call 2-1-1 or visit 211 for help finding any kind of support in the community in Manitoba.

How Huddle works

Building trust is the foundation of what we do. Our Integrated Youth Services are evidence-based, trauma-informed, and culturally safe. Youth help us shape our space and services in a way that builds confidence and understanding between youth and staff.

Services are led by a team that includes Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers, trained counsellors, medical professionals, and social service providers. We all work together to provide as many services as we can, all under one roof.

To make sure we’re doing the best job we can and continually improving our services, we provide youth and families with surveys on a regular basis so that we can better understand how we’re doing, and how we can help others with similar experiences.

Get involved

Families are a huge part of who we help at Huddle, and so your voice helps us shape Huddle and evaluate how well we do this work.

We don’t just mean biological families—a family is a circle of support that offers enduring commitment to care for one another. They can be made up of individuals related biologically, emotionally, culturally, or legally. This includes anyone who the person receiving care identifies as significant to their well-being.

By joining our Family Advisory Council, you can support Huddle and learn more skills and insights on how best to support youth who are struggling.

Parent and Caregiver FAQs

Nope! While you’re welcome to join your child if they are feeling nervous about visiting our youth hubs, you aren’t required to accompany them. They’re in good hands here.

Yes! The services provided at each hub differ from location to location, but several of them offer different types of family counselling, family peer support, parenting classes, and other services. Check out our different Huddle locations for more site-specific info.

Our Family Advisory Committee offers parents and caregivers the opportunity to have their voices heard, help support Huddle, and advocate for the youth in our community. Contact us to find out how you can get involved.

Youth or family members can receive training in how to support and mentor youth, or families of youth suffering from mental health issues or other challenges. It can be an incredibly powerful way to build connections and trust, and promote healing among community members who have experienced similar challenges.

We are so much more than just a rec centre! Huddle’s one-stop shop model means that youth can come here to access all sorts of professional, confidential services. You’ll find a mix of mental health supports, addictions counselling, primary care, and many other social services integrated with Indigenous health and culture, with other fun group activities outside of this, too!

We offer space to hang out and relax, because sometimes that’s what youth need for their mental health. But we are always ready to listen and offer care when they’re ready for that too.