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Huddle Integrated Youth Services (IYS)

2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals (CFPs)

– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I watch the recording of the August 2022 Huddle Info Session for the – 2022 North-South Expansion CFPs?

You can view it on YouTube here:

What is Huddle?

“Huddle” is the youth-informed brand identity for Manitoba’s Integrated Youth Services (IYS) initiative. Huddle sites provide low-barrier, culturally appropriate and integrated services for young people and their families in a “one-stop shop” model.

The intent of Huddle is to bring together mental health services (including counselling), substance use services, Indigenous programming, primary care, peer support and other social services (such as employment, education, income and/or housing support) into a single, easy-to-access location or access point. The Huddle model requires a network of organizations and service providers to work closely together to provide coordinated, integrated services, across the continuum of care, in a youth-friendly manner.

Huddle is an initiative of the Government of Manitoba, together with Shared Health Manitoba and a dedicated group of philanthropic partners, all committed to improving services for young people by supporting the expansion of the IYS model in Manitoba. 

This collaborative IYS effort has been developed and informed by:

What is meant by the term “Integrated Youth Services” (IYS)?

“Integrated Youth Services,” or IYS, is a pan-Canadian and international movement that aims to build effective, youth-focused and integrated services for mental health, substance use and related issues.

The following are important principles of the Manitoba IYS model:

  • Integration of services (mental health, Indigenous programming, substance use support, primary care, peer support, and social services) at a single, easy-to-access youth hub
  • Inclusion of youth and family members as co-creators in the design, implementation and evaluation of services, systems and processes
  • A collaborative governance model for the youth hub, with a clearly established Lead Agency and core Governance Partners who, together with other stakeholders, govern the hub
  • Continuation of services beyond 18 years old
  • Accessible, low-barrier services that are clearly identifiable in the community
  • Integration of Indigenous and Western models of health care
  • Evidence-based clinical interventions matched to the level of need, with supported transitions to specialized care services when necessary
  • Use of standardized assessment, data collection, and outcome evaluations
  • Use of a common brand identity and participation in common communications efforts (e.g., social media, marketing and advertising, and branded assets)

What is the role of the Lead Agency?

Lead Agencies are responsible for convening the partners providing services at the Huddle site and establishing a shared governance structure with other core Governance Partners to collaboratively run the youth hub

Lead Agencies are expected to play a role in the implementation and coordination of an integrated service delivery model, as well as in direct service delivery. Lead Agencies also take on the operational role of providing HR, finance, and IT support to the Huddle site.

When and where are Proposals to be submitted?

Proposals are to be submitted by filling out the 2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals – Submission Form. This is an online form, which you can review and work on in draft form before you finalize your submission.

Part of the proposal is a completed Budget Template. The template is made up of two separate sheets, one for the 2022/23 fiscal year, and the other for the 2023/24 fiscal year. Please ensure both are filled out completely before submitting your proposal. The budget templates should be submitted by attaching them using the file upload function in section 8 of the online submission form.

2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals – Budget Template (Microsoft Excel Version)

2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals – Budget Template (Google Sheets Version)

How will decisions be made regarding the two new Manitoba youth hub sites?

One site will be chosen from within the Northern Health Region, and one site from Southern Health-Santé Sud.

Additionally, proposals will be evaluated based on:

Who is on the Review Committee?

The Review Committee will be comprised of integrated youth services stakeholders, including youth, families, government, mental health and substance use professionals, and community leaders involved with the northern and southern regions of Manitoba.

Who should the Letters of Support be addressed to or whose attention they should be written to?

Letters of Support should come to the Review Committee through the Lead Agency as part of the proposal submission. Thus, the letters can be addressed to the Lead Agency for the proposal, or to the 2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals Review Committee

What is the role of the Huddle initiative’s Administrative Host and Backbone Team?
As Manitoba’s integrated youth services initiative, Huddle is a unique platform for complex systems transformation and the scaling of the IYS model in Manitoba.

The role of United Way Winnipeg, as the Administrative Host, and of the Huddle Backbone Team is to drive the envisioned systems transformation through the provision of comprehensive and sophisticated project management supports that furthers this collective impact work.