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Announcing a Call for Proposals for Two New Huddle Sites: One in the Northern Health Region, One in Southern Health/Santé Sud

Posting Date: August 10, 2022
Closing Date: September 29, 2022

Exciting news! Huddle, Manitoba’s Integrated Youth Services (IYS) initiative, is looking to add two new sites to our growing network of Huddle youth hubs.

Specifically, we are announcing a Call for Proposals from communities and service partnerships interested in establishing a Huddle youth hub in one of two specific regions in Manitoba – the Northern Health Region (including Churchill) and Southern Health/Santé Sud.

The goal of this process is to identify two new Huddle sites/IYS service partnerships in Manitoba by December 2022. These sites will increase the total number of Huddle locations in Manitoba to eight, with at least one youth hub site in each health region.

The closing date for proposals is Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 5 p.m. CDT. The full 2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals and required submission documents are available at the bottom of this page.

What Makes a Huddle Youth Hub?

About the Initiative

The Province of Manitoba, together with Shared Health Manitoba and a dedicated group of philanthropic partners, is committed to improving services for young people by expanding the integrated youth services (IYS) model (now known as Huddle) across Manitoba. 

Huddle’s goal is to improve access to mental health, substance use and other supportive health services for young adults in our province, while also transforming the larger systems in which these services operate to better meet the needs of youth and their families.

 About the Youth Hubs

In Manitoba, we are working towards this goal through the implementation of one-stop shop youth hubs, open to youth ages 12 – 29, that bring together a wide range of community partners to provide health services under one roof in an innovative, integrated and seamless way.

Including youth is critical to a Huddle youth hub’s success. Youth help shape these hubs at every level – from their physical design and the services offered to research and evaluation, communication and outreach, and more.

Equity, diversity and inclusion, as well as Indigenous collaboration, are core Huddle values, and our hubs give youth a safe space to be authentically themselves. We welcome and respect people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, ethnicities, faiths, race/nationalities, and abilities. We empower all youth, families, and services providers to show the same respect to others and to celebrate each other’s differences.

 About the Core Services

Under the Integrated Youth Services (IYS) hub model, core services are co-located and integrated at a Huddle youth hub site.

The specifics of the services offered at each hub will depend on each community’s unique strengths and needs, and some specialized services may be offered off-site. However, the goal of each Huddle youth hub is to offer on-site services in the following six core service streams:

About Youth Hubs Governance

Huddle youth hubs are collaboratively governed by a core group of partners. These partnerships may include community organizations, First Nations or other Indigenous communities, school divisions or educational institutions, health authorities or clinics, and justice organizations. Each Huddle partnership has one Lead Agency who serves as the main liaison for the partnership and who leads the start-up, implementation and ongoing operations of the hub.

About the Network and Backbone Support

The six existing Huddle youth hubs (soon to be eight!) make up a broader Manitoba network of youth hubs (the Huddle Network) who share resources, experiences, and lessons learned.

The Huddle Backbone Team, hosted by United Way Winnipeg, reports to the Huddle Strategic Steering Committee. The Backbone Team helps guide and support the implementation of the initiative’s overall vision.

Key Dates & Webinar Information

Here are some key dates for the Huddle site selection process:

Key DatesHuddle Site Selection Process
August 10, 2022Posting of Call for Proposals (CFP) process for two new Huddle sites in Manitoba
August 30, 2022Huddle Information Session (see below)
September 29, 2022Call for Proposals Closes – all submissions due by 5 pm CDT
October/November 2022Proposal Review Process & Applicant Interviews
December 2022Announcement of successful proposals for the development of two new Huddle sites in Manitoba
December 2022/January 2023Site start-up begins

The Youth Hubs Information Session is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30th at 12 p.m. CDT.

We invite any and all interested community members to come learn more about the overall IYS movement, what the key successes and challenges have been to date, and to hear more about the experiences of some of the new youth hubs that formally launched in May 2022.

To sign up for this free online information session, please register here.

2020 Webinar Series

In advance of the 2020 Call for Proposals, the Backbone Team coordinated four learning webinars to provide information and support to communities, organizations and partnerships interested in establishing a youth hub.

They are available on YouTube here:

Webinar #1 – Introduction to Integrated Youth Services (IYS) in Manitoba

Webinar #2 – Lessons Learned from the NorWest Youth Hub in Manitoba

Webinar #3 – Lessons Learned from Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario (YWHO)

Webinar #4 – Lessons Learned from Foundry (B.C.)

Submitting Your Proposal

The full 2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals is available for download here. Please read the full call carefully before finalizing your submission.

The 2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals – Submission Form is an online form, which you can review and work on in draft form before you finalize your submission. (If needed, one person can submit multiple applications. You will simply need to finish submitting one application before starting the follow-up one.)

Part of your submission (Section 8 on Page 11) includes uploading a completed Excel spreadsheet with your hub’s proposed budget. Please download a blank Budget Template spreadsheet for your use here: Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Clicking “Submit” on the last page will constitute your final submission. A member of the Youth Hubs Backbone Team will confirm receipt. A print version or PDF of your completed submission will also be available to you when “Reviewing Answers” before submitting.

To start, review, or finalize your submission, please go to:

2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals
Submission Form – Huddle

The deadline for proposal submissions is Thursday, September 29th at 5 p.m. Central (Winnipeg) time.

2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals 

2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals – Budget Template (Microsoft Excel Version)

2022 North-South Expansion Call for Proposals – Budget Template (Google Sheets Version)

Questions? For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Huddle Backbone Team at: